20 Reasons You Should Use Asphalt


Asphalt pavement is a high tech product that is often the most versatile and economic solution for paving. Asphalt is the most sustainable superior material for constructing pavements and can be used for many applications including highways, airport runways, parking lots and driveways. Asphalt ultimately speeds construction, is environmentally friendly, provides a smooth and quiet ride and more. Keep up to speed by checking out the top 20 reasons to use asphalt.

1. The versatility of asphalt pavements permits construction and thickness of a pavement structure that will meet the needs of any pavement project.

2. Ninety-four percent of all pavement surfaces in the United States have been surfaced with asphalt pavements.

3. Asphalt pavements have a long record of success and excellent performance.

4. Stage construction allows strengthening of pavement as the need arises. Each successive layer substantially increases the load carrying capacity and provides a thoroughly adequate, all-weather pavement for the initial development of building projects.

5. Asphalt helps facilitate access to job sites for workers, supplies and equipment and is a money saver for developers and builders.

6. Asphalt pavements can be easily widened.

7. Utility cuts, trenches and subsequent patching can be made quickly and easily when utility lines under the pavement need repair.

8. Asphalt provides greater visibility of traffic markings and striping.

9. Snow melts faster on asphalt pavements. Snow and ice chemicals do not harm asphalt pavements.

10. Perpetual Asphalt pavements provide more strength per inch than any other type of flexible pavement.

11. Asphalt pavements provide safe frictional resistance and superior riding qualities.

12. Asphalt pavement does not require long curing periods.

13. Designs are tied directly to anticipated traffic volume and weight.

14. Traffic maintenance and control is easier with asphalt pavement construction.

15. Asphalt pavements are 100% recyclable and have salvage value.

16. Asphalt pavements experience no blowups.

17. The advantages of asphalt pavements make roads safer for everyone.

18. Asphalt pavements are always constructed faster than any other type of pavement.

19. Asphalt pavements are consistently less costly to build and maintain based on comparable designs.

20. Asphalt pavements blend with and enhance natural surroundings, for example, National Park and U.S. Forest Service roads and multi-use recreational facilities use asphalt.