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TEL:(601) 948-5495

Selection Criteria

Mississippi Asphalt Pavement Association Selection Criteria

Awards are evaluated based on eight factors. Factors are:

Uniformity of Mat – visual observation of the mat texture shows a uniform texture across the width of the surface. There is no evidence of segregation. Load to load segregation is sufficient reason for rejection of nomination.

Longitudinal Joint Construction – visual observation indicates a joint that has been properly set up and compacted so as to result in good density. The line of the joint is straight indicating attention to proper paver operation.

Transverse Joint Construction – visual observation indicates the joint construction was adequately prepared by trimming to a vertical face and coating, the line is straight, little to no evidence of segregation from handwork. Ride quality of the joint construction must be nearly unnoticeable.

Ride Quality (Serviceability) – Ride quality must be smooth without abrupt bumps. Roughness occurring in a repetitive manner indicates load to load discontinuity and is reason for rejection of the nomination.

Handwork – There should be no sign of excessive texture variation due to handwork. Extra effort of using AC bands is considered in the evaluation.

Level of Difficulty – Projects having a higher level of difficulty are awarded more points. Determining level of difficulty is based upon MDOT requirements, phasing requirements, geometry of the facility.

Completeness – this is a subjective rating based on the aesthetics of the project and all factors previously out-lined.